At Guthrie School, teachers work hand-in-hand with military families to bring out the individual strengths of each student and set them on the path to a promising future. A public school located on Edmonton’s military base, Guthrie proudly serves military families and students from Pre-kindergarten to grade 9, focusing on both personal and academic development.

More than 230 students attend Guthrie School today, a beautiful building filled with natural light. Originally opened in 1952 and named in honour of Air Vice-Marshall Kenneth M. Guthrie, the school was part of the Department of National Defense School District until June 1993 when it amalgamated with Sturgeon Public Schools. The new building was opened on May 2, 2003, and provides students space to achieve at a high level and explore their love of learning. 

April is Month of the Military Child

In April, we celebrate Month of the Military Child to recognize military children for their strength and resiliency. Military children face unique challenges throughout deployments, absences, relocations and frequent change. It is during these times where military children remain strong and resilient that they are often compared to the dandelion. Much like the dandelion, military children can put down roots almost anywhere. They are impossible to destroy. They adapt easily and can survive nearly anywhere. They bloom everywhere the wind carries them and they stand ready to fly into the breezes to take them into new adventures, new lands, and new friends. Military children are resilient.

The Dandelion Poem

Teal Up Day

Teal Up Day started in April 2021 in Shilo, Manitoba to recognize Canadian military children and the important contributions they make to the Canadian Armed Forces community. The colour teal was chosen as it includes all branches of the military (Blue for Air Force, Green for Army and Blue/White for Navy).

Join us to celebrate by wearing a teal-coloured shirt in support of our strong and resilient Canadian military children.

Join in on the Celebration

Throughout the month, we are proud to showcase how our school honors the children of military members. From special events to thoughtful initiatives, we celebrate the unique challenges that military families face and show our support. Follow Guthrie School on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected and see the various activities and programs that our school has planned.

A Message from Military Students in our Schools

Connected in the Community

The school is closely tied to the Military Family Resource Centre, which offers before and after-school care. A liaison agreement with the military base also allows use of facilities like the running track, curling rink, ice rinks, swimming pool, golf course and driving range, outdoor bike and run track and tennis courts.

Throughout the month of April, the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) hosts programs, events and activities that support military youth with a focus on acknowledging and building their strength and resiliency. Youth will have the opportunity to participate and connect with peers who have similar experiences being part of a military family. 

For more information, visit their website.